Through the journey of 9 years we realized that the best service an educational institution can render to society is to help break preconceived notions and prejudices preconceived notions are the locks on the door to wisdom and prejudices are chains forged by ignorant to keep men apart. Every individual has that spark which waits to be ignited committed teachers have enormous power to empower such individuals. They act as guiding forces who exemplify what is selflessness, compassion sense of fairness and assertive awareness of the feelings of others. A school system without parents at its foundation is just like a bucket with a hole in it. Therefore I pray parents for positive and constructive partnership in the better development of our children. How can we help children rise to portals of success and glory? Be role models, children are excellent at emulation. Students look up to adults who help them to plan their future and who model appropriate civic and social behavior. Show concern with their lives beyond the classroom too, you cannot understand their needs if you do not know their activities outside school. 

Namita Mishra

Principal , Residential Deva Intermediate College